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The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 is a compact digital camera with 12.8 MP resolution, 4K HD video capabilities, and Wi-Fi access. It was released in November 2014.

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Why I can`t format the SD card?

I insert the battery and SD card into the (new) camera and turn the camera on. The monitor shows: "Please set the clock" but it don`t works! After this step the monitor shows me: "Insert SD card again". Why? And I locked out the SD card before placed it into the camera and used two different SD cards but always the same procedure.

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The card may have failed and locked itself into read only mode permanently so the data is intact - it’s a built in mechanism to protect the data.

Pull the data off and try formatting it externally. If it still fails, it locked itself into a read only state - pull your stuff off and copy it to a new card.

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I tried using a 128GB sdxc card in my Panasonic DMC-zs100 and it gave me a memory card error and offered to format the card. when I said yes, that failed and it asked me again to format the card.

I tried using windows File Explorer to format the card, trying exFAT and a third party tool to format it FAT32. neither worked on the camera. I checked both the physical lock switch and the software read-only setting. didn’t help and anyways I could write files from Windows.

I then compared it to a 128GB card that works in the camera and saw that card had 16MB unallocated space at the beginning of the card. I used a free disk partition tool (MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition but there are others) to delete the partition and create a new exFAT partition with the default allocation size with 16MB unallocated space at the beginning of the card.

Now the camera recognized the card but complained it wasn’t formatted for recording. I went into the menu settings and formatted the card in the camera and all was good. problem solved

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