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Released in 2010, Model Number: ECS114 The Nextbook Premium 7SE comes equipped with Android Ice Cream 4.0 Os, 7 inch TFT color display, and built in camera

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Why will the volume on my device not change?

When I press the volume buttons on my device, the volume stays the same.

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@cfisher There are many things that could be wrong with this issue. I would recommend trying to change your volume from your settings. If this works there could be a problem with the soldering from the volume button(s) to the motherboard inside. Although this may not be the issue. This could also be caused by change in the OS, So if you were trying to Root or reinstall the os things can happen like this. I would look on the internet for others with this problem and see what they did to fix it.


Keegan Bourque


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There are several reasons why your volume may not be working properly. There could be something jamming the volume button from being pressed, the mute option can be turned on or the buttons may be broken.

If you know that the volume button appear physically broken, refer to our Replace Volume Buttons guide.

If the volume button doesn't appear broken then go to our Troubleshooting Page for more information on potential problems and solutions for your volume not working on your device.

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