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How access to the disk partition?

i create a new disk partition but this is a windows computer, i work with macs and to access the disk partition on a mac i let the OPTION key pre for a few seconds, how can i do the same with a windows computer?

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To access the disk partition manager in windows you will have to either right click My Computer and select Manage from the menu; which will bring up the Computer management console, where you will find disk management.*

The other way is to click the Start Menu and select Run. Type in the run box CMD and hit OK. When the command prompt come up type in diskpart to load the text based disk partition manager once in the program you can type help to find out about all of the commands available.

If this is still not helping you should be able to download the program Partition Wizard which will give you a lot more options as to resizing your disk partitions.

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I am not sure which version of windows you have, or how the new partition was created or what type it is, so hard to say how to access it. This program will work with everything partition related.

As i am sure you know, partition editing programs can mess a computer up, so it could have undesired/unchangeable results if a mistake is made.

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