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Modello A1311 / FIne 2009 / processore Core 2 Duo 3.06 o 3.33 GHz

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GPU replaceble?


I was just wandering if it is possible to replace the 9400 GPU to a 4670 yourself.

Thanks in advance.

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What are the options available to replace the HD4670?(not from apple store)


How about just adding the HD 4670 to the iMac? Is that possible or do you really have to replace the entire computer to get at better graphics card?


I would like to know that too.


I've just purchased iMac 10,1 (MB950, model A1311) 3.06 GHz and I'd like to know is it possible to add ATI video card.


I would like to know that too.


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Unfortunately, while the Radeon HD 4670 is replaceable, the GeForce 9400M is integrated onto the logic board and therefore cannot be replaced without replacing the entire logic board.


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What can the Radeon HD 4670 be replaced with and where can i get my hands on... what i can replace it with?


Can you at least re paste it?


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