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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus. Identificato dai numeri modello A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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LCD screen replacement bleed

I recently replaced the screen on an iPhone 6 and have this problem - the icons seem to "bleed" through when using an app. For example, when using Facebook if you drag down to refresh, within the gray area that appears showing the spinning circle the icons/apps show through. This happened on 2 screens from 2 different companies so I'm not sure if it's something else or just 2 bad LCD's. I'never seen this on other phones I've fixed. Any ideas what causes that?


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Hmm I'm not certain either I have never seen that before, could be cheap screens, I can refer you to my vendor for screens, I don't go cheap I get genuine new Apple parts and never seen this before, the prices I pay are around still 100-150$, I would check eBay and find a good seller at least 98% approval, and make sure they are from America


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i would bet it is poor quality screens . there are many different factories making/replicating iPhone 6 screens now. finding a good supplier and paying the premium is the only way forward. Iphone 6 screens are very expensive for good screens. To be truthful there's more profit in an iPhone 4 repair currently than an iPhone 6 repair (at least if you are using good screens)

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