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This LG-A275 : Battery capacity of 900 mAh Dual SIM Cellular Band -Quad-Band. MP3 Ringtones;Vibration alerts. 1.45" 65K TFT Display.

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Why is there buzzing in my audio jack?

I accidentally dropped my phone into the toilet and now when I put my headphones in I keep getting a lot of static. What should I do to about this??

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Your problem is twofold either your motherboard has been corroded or the your audio jack has rusted on the inside. You can do one of two things. You can either solder on a new audio jack which might take a little work, but if you like tinkering this is a fun project. Secondly, you can replace the motherboard with a new one, and it will work good as new.

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look at this link. it may help

LG A275 Troubleshooting


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