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The third generation of the Toyota Camry in all markets outside Japan. 1991-1996 was also called the XV10 series of Camry vehicles.

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Air conditioner refrigerant R12 or other?

Does this vehicle use the new refrigerant?

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All modifications 750–850 g

Air conditioning refrigerant: R134a


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The majority of automobiles manufactured prior to 1994 use Freon in their A/C systems. Since that time, several non-CFC refrigerants such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) have been developed; and many more are in the development process. Since 1995, the most common substitute for CFCs in automobile A/C systems is HFC- 134a (or R-134a).

Please give us the exact year of your Camry to determine which one you have.

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There is a tag on the A/C system somewhere that states the refrigerant used. Please do not use anything that will interrupt the dynamics of the ozone layer. There are drop ins you can get at auto supply houses if you need to change out R 12.

Update (03/24/2016)

Also note the weight of the charge. Most drop in replacements are usually 3/4 of the R-12 charge. Add slow with a thermometer at air vent till temp of air is 20 degrees F. cooler then the ambient air. Do not let frost line to ice up back to compressor. This is after you have troubleshot low pressure switch. Then before you do any adding of refrigerant, ask yourself how did refrigerant get out of system. Check your gauges to see if suction side is pulling a vacuum. Is clutch on compressor engaged? Is there power to low pressure switch? Every time you add refrigerant there is oil mixed with it and after so many times the refrigerant leaks out but not the oil and you could be oil logged. Is cap tube plugged? And remember with most if not all drop ins, you add as liquid not vapor so don't slug the compressor with liquid. And most important keep the number of a air-con tech handy for when you blow it up. Good luck if you don't have good skills:)

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You might also have a look at an alternative coolant.

I (along with countless others) have put this in my car and RV

and am pleased.

I understand some of the HVAC guys do not like it cause its

a cheap DIY option.

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Interesting stuff. I wouldn't suggest using it on a leaking system. It is also banned in 19 of the US states and the EPA has stated that using it to replace R-12 is a violation of and prosecutable under the Clean Air Act. Some more links pro and anti on the product:


I understand it is the Freon corps and their friends in Washington

who have managed to put restrictions on it.

Very popular in Canada where the EPA actually has some teeth.

My buddy (who is a HVAC contractor) help me install it.

He had never heard of it but was very impressed with its

effectiveness and cost.


Just wanted to clarify that the EPA has no teeth in Canada. The EPA is a US agency. The somewhat equivalent is Canada's Department of the Environment, commonly known as Environment Canada. ;-)


The product is made of a combination of propane and butane. Since you have it installed in your vehicle I pray that you never get in a head on collision and your family never experiences the flash fire that could be caused from your desire to save a few $.


My vehicle is full a gasoline often.

40 years of driving and so far so good.

PS Its not about the money


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HVAC sysyem is used for Heating and cooling of a Device which is electronically used for specific puposes.

For Heating or cooling of a device special types of gases are used in to these devices which maintains the temperature of a particular space by using R12 type of gases.

These gases are costly and for recovery of this type of gases A Refrigerant Recovery Machine is used.

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