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Repair information for the Huawei Ascend G7 smartphone. Released in 2014. Model numbers: G7-L01, G7-L03, G7-L11, G7-UL20.

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Screen functions that don't work

I had the LCD assembly replaced and now the screen swipe functions - double tap or "C" swipe do not work. Is this a part issue or is there a settings change that needs to be done ? Thanks.

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hey the same thing happened to me. Any fixes for it yet?


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Have you checked the settings in:

Settings > General > Motion Control > Double Touch or Draw

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I had the same prblem after i changed my lcd screen. I did checked on setting, and everything is on. But still I cannot screenshot using my knuckle.


Hi @afiqah ,

Not sure what you mean, but your screenshot "knuckle" method is not mentioned here


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