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Uno smartphone Android di Samsung per il mercato asiatico, con vari numero modello, lanciato nel dicembre 2014.

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My phone screen is split in half. How to fix this?

My phone dropped from a table and the screen split in half (not literally). I can only touch the upper half. The lower half is all black. I can only use the camera only,can't even unlock the device. I hope you know how to fix this issue.

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I am certain this got resolved by now. This is an answer to an old question because the “split in half” still comes up with other phones as well. Commonly after a drop of the phone or other “traumatic injuries,”, this is attributed to a cracked screen. The only repair for this is a replacement of the display. Most modern smart phones have a fused digitizer. So in cases where only half the touchscreen works the requirement will be the same; replace the screen. Sostituzione display Samsung Galaxy A5

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