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LCD not working and phone vibrates repeatedly

A friend gave me a black iphone 5 to fix and it was working before the repair but the screen was badly damaged. The LCD would light up yet I could not hardly see anything on the screen. I let it sit for a couple days and the battery went dead. I performed the repair step by step carefully and did notice all the water sensors were red, yet my friend didn't say anything about it getting wet. Got the screen on and connectors seated properly and LCD would not light up. Let the phone charge for a bit and it came on fine. I heard it beep. I plugged the phone into my macbook and it recognized fine. I was able to restore the phone and that didn't help the LCD. I did a soft and a hard reset and it still didn't help. I disconnected the battery and didn't help. I tried another brand new screen and still didn't work. So I put the phone aside for a day or two and battery went dead again and now when I plug it into either my windows or mac it won't recognize. I plug it into the wall to charge and after a few minutes I hear a beep and it starts to constantly vibrate repeatedly.

I have no clue and I'm frustrated! HELP!

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Tried home button + power button and held for 30 secs and nothing. plugged it back into macbook and it vibrates over and over so just for the heck of it I held down both volume buttons and it stopped vibrating but now constantly beeps repeatedly.


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You have multiple problems.

1.) backlight circuit needs repair--either filters, coil, diode or ic need to be replaced.

2.) you have charging system problem. In best case, you just need a new battery. Worst case the charging ic is damaged.

3.) you need a water damage cleanup

Start with water damage clean up--at least put motherboard in isopropanol overnight and Coleman withy toothbrush. Better = take to someone who can desolder the shield to fully floe an the whole board.

Get a new battery--this will make it turn on and be recognized. Watch battery percent on iTunes and see if post water damage clean up does wit hold a charge/charge up.

Send it out to a professional for backlight repair---if you can't find someone local feel free to contact me viaq my profile.

Good luck!


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All that phone beeping etc is the phone prompting you for screen input


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Sounds like the phone is now in bootloop. This usually happens on androids for completely different reason but with your situation, I'd take a look at several things. 1: dont forget that your indicators are tripped so there has been moisture present. Clean the motherboared as best you can at all accesible places. 2: Battery replacement may help with turning on and off. It sounds like its trying to fire but can't because there isn't enough charge. 3: component loss. No matter how hard us DIY'rs try, we can accidentally lift components from the mobo....ESPECIALLY a water damaged one. If you have a second board to compare, reference it with the "damaged" one around the lcd areas to see if you can spot any pieces that aren't there. That's about all I can offer for now, hope it helps

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