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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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problem with gyroscope after glass repair


I've a problem with my iPad 3 gen wifi.

After a glass repair all it works exept the gyroscope function.

I can' rotate my screen.

I've restored my IOS and the problem it's always present.

So, I think this is a problem with the gyroscope chips on the logicboard, this is possible to fix it ?

Thank for your help.


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Try reconnecting the audio jack cable

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I've tried to disconnect and connect again and the problem still present.

Do you think the problem is this cable ? This is possible ? There is a gyroscope function on this audi jack ?




Yes, all the sensors are on this flex cable. Check for damages on the part and the logic board connector.


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I had a similar problem.

I have just fixed it by chance.


Plugged in the jack for my ear buds then and unplugged the jack. Then did a hard reset by holding the home button and power button. Then switched on and hey presto !

I now have both Landscape and Portrait mode.

Hope this might be of help to someone.


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Thnaks Steve,

it works fine with me.

After first hard reset the gyro responds immediately then after few tries it sleeps again.

Another hard reset with jack in solved the problem permanently.

Gyro wakes up!

Kind regards,


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I have the same problem I tried the audio jack and regardless of doing a hard reset the screen will not rotate would replacing the audio jack cable fix the problem?

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