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If your mixer is running too fast on the slowest speed setting and throwing flour out of the bowl then you need to adjust the minimum speed. This may be achieved as follows.

The motor tends to speed up over time and needs adjusting back down to 60rpm at the slowest speed control setting on the side.


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    • Turn the power off at the wall socket and then invert the machine on a working surface allowing for flour and crumbs to fall out of the machine onto the surface.

    • Insert a long thin flat ended screwdriver (Health & Safety warning - with an insulated handle) through one of the slots in the plastic casing covering the motor assembly and locate one of the two slotted screws which govern the centrifugal switch.

    • You can identify these two screws by the fact that they have a spring underneath them to keep them in tension.

    • Try a quarter turn clockwise each then turn the machine back over and try it on the slowest speed.

    • Put your hand on the mixing attachment holder and let your fingers gently catch the protruding bit each time it comes around while watching a second hand on a clock.

    • You are looking for about 60rpm and the movement at this minimum speed will be somewhat erratic.

    • There will also be a burning smell from the resistor but don't worry about this. The burning smell comes from flour deposited over time on the resistor.

    • If it still exceeds 60rpm on the slowest speed control setting then turn the machine over and turn the two screws in a bit more, but evenly on each side to keep the centrifugal switch bracket evenly balanced.

    • Continue until about 60rpm is achieved and ignore the burning smell from the thin layer of flour on the resistor.

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Paul Bird

Membro da: 19/08/2014

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Fantastic! Thank you very very much! xxxxx

pettefar - Replica

Great advice Thank you.

Purchased a 701a with original user manual, Liquidiser, Veg Shredder with all the shredding blades, Juicer and Mincer yesterday from a local Charity shop all for a measly £25.....Cleaned it all and adjusted the speed as per above, all to a very good used condition. Bargain of the year.

neilgreig - Replica

I recently bought an A701a. When mixing dough on setting two, it violently moves around on the bench. Is this normal?

Andrew Didenko - Replica

Don’t mix on speed 2 - it’s too fast. You are trying to stretch the dough, not tear it. It may be that your dough is too dry and solid so that it won’t give when the dough hook tries to stretch it. I am assuming that you do have a dough hook and are not trying to mix dough with the K beater. If not - get one - solve your problem at a stroke. Happy Baking!

Graham Thomas -

Also worked for my A902 which I replaced the capacitors on but could not see how moving the control board up and down on the sprung screws could adjust the speed or how to set it. Well I still can’t see how that up/down adjustment works but it does! Thanks very much!

Matthew Tribble - Replica

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