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Track down a number of hardware problems using the Palm Treo 680 Troubleshooting page.


Here is a list of inexpensive upgrades for your Palm Treo 680.

  • Software: AT&T has released several software updates for the Treo 680. The latest of these updates was update 2.11, being released in December, 2007. You can find these on the Palm Website.
  • Battery Life: The standard battery for the Treo 680, when using power hungry features, is a unimpressive 4 hours. You can get aftermarket batteries that boost that battery life anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.
  • Antenna: Although the first Treo to ever have a internal antenna, it seems to have a hard time with service in cars. You can get a external antenna that goes on your car to boost signal strength.
  • Accessories: You can get all sorts of accessories for your Treo 680, including, but not limited to; Cases, Bluetooth, SD memory card, Car Charger, Stylus, and even a finger stylus.

Identification and Background

The Treo is a Smartphone that was originally developed as just a PDA by Handspring in 2002. Shortly afterwards (2003) Palm bought out Treo, and eventually changed Treo’s name; thus the Palm Treo was born. Since the first Treo in 2002, there have been nineteen different Palm Treo models. The first Treo was only a PDA with a 12 bit color display and 4 hours battery of life. The latest Palm Treo is the Palm Treo Pro, capable of web browsing, Microsoft office, using wi-fi, a camcorder, and a host of other features.

The Treo 680 was first released in November, 2006. It was the first Treo phone to no longer have the stubby antenna encasing, and the only Treo built after 2005 to have a 0.3 Megapixel camera. Not only is it 2.3mm slimmer than that Treo 650 or 700, but it also noticeably lighter as well. The Treo's software has jumped back and forth between two different operating systems: Palm OS and Microsoft Mobile, with the Treo 680 having the Palm OS. You can verify this on your Treo 680 by turning it off, then back on. As it starts up, the screen should display “Palm OS” for a few seconds.

The Treo 680 was replaced just 3 months later by the Palm Treo 750, which was the first Treo to have 3G usage, allowing it to be used worldwide.

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