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Background and Identification

This Nikon camera with a detachable lens was released in 2013. Compact and lightweight, the J3 is ideal for everyday use without weighing you down. The ability to switch out lenses between any of the 1-series mounts is a great benefit of this camera, and it has allowed for easy swapping.

Some users have found faults with this model. The mode dial at the top of the camera uses abnormal symbols, and the camera's menu is unnecessarily intensive. According to users, the menu is too divided, which does not allow for very quick access of the needed features. Despite these flaws, it is still an upgrade from the limited menu the J2 offered.

The J3 has a higher image resolution than previous models at 14.2 megapixels, and it can take 1080p video. When compared to the previous model, the J2, this camera boasts a light sensitivity twice as high. It uses a rechargeable 1020 mAh EN-EL20 lithium ion battery pack.

To differentiate it from previous models, note these key differences. On the front of the device, there should be the characters "J3" on the top right, and a lens detach button below the lens on the right. The J3 has the mode dial on the top, not the back. The side loops to connect a strap are vertical as opposed to horizontal.

Additional Information

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