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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Troubleshooting

Phone Fails to Turn On

The cellphone will not respond or turn on.

Insufficient Charge

Plug the phone in and wait for 15-20 minutes. Make sure there is no damage to the charging cord or the power outlet. If it does not power up on its own attempt to power it up manually. Press power button located on the right side of the device down and wait for the loading screen to appear.

Memory Card/Application Caused Corruption

Make sure that your device is fully off by pressing and holding the power button down for 8 seconds. Once it is powered down wait thirty seconds and try turning it on. If it does not turn on remove the back cover. Carefully lift the battery out and remove the SD/Memory card underneath it. Put battery back into place and replace the cover. By doing this you will be testing whether or not an application on your memory card is causing a problem with your device. After you have done these steps try turning it on again. If it powers up your memory card is faulty.

Faulty Battery

The device may fail to turn on because the battery is worn or no longer works. To solve this problem, you may need to replace it using this guide.

Poor Battery Life

The cellphone does not have sufficient battery life.

Phone needs to be Rebooted

Restart the phone by pressing and holding the power button and touch "power off" on the menu until it is shut down. After, remove the back cover of the phone and remove the batter, SIM card, and SD card. Then wait at least fifteen seconds before putting them back into the phone. Lastly, put all of the removable things back into place and restart the phone by holding down the power button.

Apps are draining the Battery

Turn off the apps that are streaming like the GPS app. It collects data from Wi-Fi, local cellphone towers, and the GPS chip to find your location. By disabling the apps, it lets the phone rest.

Faulty Battery

If you've tried everything else and nothing seems to be fixing the problem, replace the whole battery using this guide.

Device Overheats

"Device overheats while charging"

Check the charging cable

Make sure that you are using the original charger, as using aftermarket chargers make overcharge the battery. If you no longer possess the original cable, try a different aftermarket cable.

Overtaxed Processor

To test to see if the phone is overheating because of this, close all apps you are not actively using or lower the specifications of the primary app you are using.

Cellphone freezes

Cellphone is unresponsive and screen is frozen.

SD card not properly inserted

From the Home Screen tap on apps, and then proceed to tap on the Settings App. Scroll to Storage and then tap on “Unmount SD card”. Then proceed to turn phone off. Remove back cover of phone and then remove battery once this is done remove SD card. Put SD card back as well as battery and then proceed to add the cover back to phone. Power up phone as final step.

Requires Soft Reset

Turn of the phone, once fully off proceed to remove the back cover of the phone as well as battery. Count ten to fifteen seconds, reinsert the battery as well as adding the back cover. Proceed to turn phone back on.

Applications taking up to much storage

Open up Apps and then proceed to the Settings application. Scroll to Device Diagnostics, tap open Power Usage and then Battery Usage. Tap whichever application you'd like, tap app info and tap Clear Cache and then exit out.

Touchscreen Unresponsive

"Touchscreen does not respond properly"

Foreign Object on Screen

If you have a screen protector or case on your phone, try removing it to see if this fixes the issue. You may also need to lightly clean the screen with a damp, dust-free rag and completely dry the surface.

Software Issue

In case software on your phone is causing this problem, try performing a simple restart of the device. If this does not work, try restarting the device in safe mode. To do this, press and hold the power button until “Samsung Galaxy Core Prime” appears on the screen. After releasing the power button, immediately press and hold the volume down button until you see “Safe Mode” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Hardware Issue

Sometimes, a malfunctioning memory card or SIM card can cause the screen to become unresponsive. Remove your memory card and SIM card to see if this solves the problem.

unfortunately, samsung keyboard has stopped message

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