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Nokia E61i Troubleshooting

Nokia E61i Will Not Turn On

Your screen is completely blank when you try to turn it on.

Drained/Bad Battery

If you try to turn your phone on and nothing happens (no sounds or lights), try charging your battery, as it may be dead. If this does not work, you may have a defective battery which needs replacing. For this problem, see "Replacing Battery" repair guide.

Bad Display

If the screen is blank when you turn on the phone, but you can still hear the phone starting up, you have what is commonly called "the white screen of death." To fix this, you must take the phone to a Nokia Care Point. Alternatively, you may try and replace the screen yourself. See "Replacing Screen" repair guide.

Bad Logic Board

If replacing the screen does not restore the display, then the logic board needs to be replaced. See "Replacing Logic Board" repair guide.

Cracked Screen

Your phone was dropped or hit and now has a ruined display.

If your screen is cracked or broken, then it most likely needs to be replaced. This can either be done by taking it into a Nokia Care Point, or you may do it yourself. See "Replacing Screen" repair guide.

Keyboard Malfunctions

If your keyboard fails to respond or has malfunctioning buttons, then it needs to be replaced. See "Replacing Keyboard" repair guide.

No Audio or Distorted Audio

Your phone turns on and appears to work, but when you try to make a phone call or use the speaker, the audio does not play or record properly.

If the sound on your phone is distorted or not coming out at all, then the speaker needs to be replaced. If the problem still exists after replacing the speaker, then the logic board is faulty and needs to be replaced. See "Replacing Speaker" or "Replacing Logic Board" repair guide.

Bad Audio Jack

The most likely cause of audio output problems on the phone is a bad audio-out jack. Unfortunately, the audio jack is soldered to the logic board. Installing a new audio jack requires replacing the entire logic board. See "Replacing Logic Board" repair guide.

Broken Camera

If the camera on the phone is not responding or shows only a black screen when in use, then try resetting the phone by powering the device down and then turning it back on. If it still does not work then the camera either needs to be replaced or the logic board is bad. See "Replacing Logic Board" repair guide.

Buttons Are Not Working

Non-Keyboard buttons seem to not respond or are broken

If the volume buttons on the side panel or the power button are not responding or are apparently broken, you can try resetting the phone or replacing the buttons. However, if they still do not work after that, then there is a problem with the logic board and it needs replaced. See "Replacing Volume Buttons" or "Replacing Logic Board" repair guides.

SIM Card Errors

If your phone is experiencing SIM card errors such as "SIM card rejected" or "SIM card unaccepted" then go to the link,, and scroll down to the section for SIM card repair. If this does not help, then you need to contact your service provider or contact the retailer from which you bought the phone.

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