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Nikon Coolpix S4000 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Nikon Coolpix S4000.

Camera Will Not Power On

The camera will not respond or show any sign of powering on.

Faulty Battery

If the camera fails to turn on after you press the power button, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

Camera Not Charging

The camera’s battery has died and it won’t charge.

Camera may need to be restarted

Sometimes the camera may not charge because it is glitching and may need to be restarted. To restart the camera remove the battery and memory card and reinstall them.

The Adapter is faulty

Most times the reason that the camera will not charge is due to a broken or faulty charging cord. Clean the adapter and check it for any damage. If the camera still will not charge the adapter is broken.

The battery is faulty

Sometimes the camera's battery is no longer able to hold a charge and will need to be replaced.

Lens Not Focusing

Image through lens or picture is blurry.

Lens is Dirty

Foreign particles on the lens can keep it from focusing properly. Clean the lens with a soft cloth then attempt to retake the picture.

Camera is in the Wrong Mode

Sometimes the issue is simply that the camera or the lens is not set in the autofocus mode. Make sure both the lens and camera are set to this mode and then try again.

The Lighting is too Dark

Often if the lighting of the area you are trying to take a picture of is too dark the camera will get confused and will not focus properly. Try moving the camera into a lighter area and then back to your intended target. Or try increasing the lighting around the area you want to take a picture of.

Shutter is Stuck

Sometimes the issue is that the shutter is stuck or will not open/close properly. This issue can also be accompanied by a lens error message on the screen.

It can be caused in a few different ways. There could be sand or other particles keeping it from fully extending, the camera has been dropped with the shutter extended, or it was powered off/the battery died with the shutter still out.

First, make sure the device is powered with a charged battery. If you do not have one or need to replace the battery, please follow our guide. Then attempt to turn the device on to see if it will correct the issue itself.

If it does not, you can attempt to gently push the lens back in place while the camera is off. If it resists or the problem persists you can follow our lens replacement guide to make sure all of the pieces are properly aligned.

If the issue continues to persist you may want to consider replacing the lens with a new one.

Camera Does Not flash

The camera does not flash while taking pictures.

The Camera Flash is Disabled

To enable flash, go to the flash mode control menu. Scroll in the menu and set the flash to the desired flash mode.

The Bulb Needs Replacement

The flash on the camera may have a weak flash or no flash if the bulb has burned out. If this is the case the bulb will need to be replaced. Replace the bulb using this guide.

Camera won’t take photos

The camera is turned on but won’t take photos when the shutter button is pressed.

The camera is incorrect mode

The camera might be set to playback mode; try going back to shooting mode or turn the camera off and on again.

The flash could be causing issues

If your camera is on automatic, switch to another setting and turn off the flash. If your camera can now take photos, the camera was just taking a while to power up the flash. An orange light should appear when the flash is ready to use.

There is no more storage space

Cameras by themselves may have a little bit of storage; some can take about 10 pictures before they’re full. Make sure you have an memory card (with space) properly inserted to your device.

*The card must also be formatted correctly. After you backup all of your photos, you can reformat the memory card by going into the settings and formatting.

The shutter button is jammed

If the camera won’t take photos, no matter how hard you press the button, the shutter button might be jammed. Try pressing it a few more times, if you can hear a faint click the shutter isn’t the problem. If you need to unstick the shutter button, follow this guide here.

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