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Un eccellente studente del nostro programma di istruzione ha realizzato questo wiki. Non è gestita dallo staff iFixit.

Master and Dynamic MW50 Troubleshooting

Designed and developed in New York City. Released in 2016, identified by model number MW50.

Device is not Charging

You are unable to recharge your headphones

Faulty Charging Cable

If you are unable to see the orange charging indicator when using the provided wire, try using a different wire with the same head. If the charging indicator (next to the power button) lights up green, then the issue is the cable.

Faulty Charging Port

If multiple charging wires do not work, giving no indication of charging, then the charging port may not be receiving power or be sending power to the battery. Check the port with a voltmeter to see if any resistance is registered. If there isn’t any, the port is faulty. See the following guide for replacement information. -

Battery Issue

Using a voltmeter, check both sides of the cable for the current. If there is a current available, and you’ve already replaced or validated the Charging Port, then this indicates an issue with the battery. See the following guide to replace the battery. -

Device is not wirelessly connecting

Your Master Dynamic MW50 will not connect to your Phone or Computer

Faulty Pairing

Unpair the headphones and your phone then try repairing. If the headphones connect then the original pairing connection developed a fault.

Faulty Wireless Signal

Turn off the BluetoothⓇ feature on any other device that is paired with the headphones or try pairing the headphones with another device.

Device needs a factory Reset

Hold down the vol+ and vol- buttons down for 4 seconds until you see a red and white light flash 4 times. Then repair and try again.

One or both of the speakers are not not working

Your headphone speakers are not producing sound

Headphones are not in range of Device

Move the headphones closer to the desired device, if the headphones start working then the headphones were out of the wireless range.

Broken Speaker

Use a Voltmeter to check the current in the wire from the power source to the Speaker, if there is no current, replace the wire. If the wire has current the the physical speaker is broken and needs replacement.

Control buttons are not functioning

Using the buttons on the side of the Headphones has no effect

Button is not sending a signal to the control board

Use a voltmeter and check for current between the button and the control board. If there is no current then check the following guide to repair the wire. -

The Device is not turning on

The device will not power up

Battery has no power stored

Turn your headphones off and plug them in to charge for 24 hours. If the headphones still wont power on, check the following guide to change the battery. -

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