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Insignia NS-DS9PDVD15 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help diagnose problems with the Insignia 9" Dual Screen Dual DVD Player

Player Will Not Turn On

Player doesn't respond to power button.

AC Adapter Not Plugged In

Make sure the AC adapter is plugged in firmly.

Dusty Port

The port for the AC adapter may be dirty or dusty. You can use a clean q-tip to clean it out. Make sure it's not too fluffy and that you gently insert it into the port, then spin it around.

No/Distorted Audio

The sound from either the speakers or headset is distorted or inaudible

Volume Level Too High

Check the volume wheel to see if it's turned up all the way. Lowering it may reduce distortion.

Player May Be Too hot

If the player overheats, it may not work properly. Let it cool down for about 30 minutes then try again.

Cables Not Fully Inserted

Make sure all audio cables/cords are plugged in all the way.

Headphones Are Plugged in

The headphones may be plugged in, which would prevent audio from the speakers. If you want to use them but there is still distortion, the headphones might not be plugged in fully. This could cause the audio to not come through, or only come through one channel.

Broken Speakers

The speakers may be damaged and need to be replaced. Here is a guide on how to replace them.

No/Distorted Video

Nothing shows up on the screen, or the image is distorted

Fast Forwarding Or Reversing

While the disc is fast forwarding or reversing, it's normal to see some distortion.

Damaged Disc

The DVD may be too scratched. You'll have to change to DVD. To help keep the DVD clean, do not touch the play side of the disc.

Dirty Disc or Player

The disc or player could just be dirty or dusty, and will need to be cleaned. Use a clean piece of cloth and wipe the disc outwards from the center.

Damaged Screen

The screen could be damaged which could distort the video. Read this guide to see how to replace the screen.

Error Icon Appears On Screen

The error symbol (circle with line through it) shows up on the screen

DVD Doesn't Support Certain Feature

The DVD's software might not have or allow a certain feature or function.

(Example: subtitles)

Entered Title Or Chapter Number That is Out of Range

You might have entered a title or chapter number that isn't actually on the DVD

Can't Fast Forward Or Reverse

Nothing happens when the Fast forward or Fast Reverse buttons are pressed

DVD May Not Allow feature

Some DVDs don't allow you to rapid scan through the chapters.

Opening Credits Or Warning Information

DVDs won't allow you to skip the warning labels, and some DVDs may not allow you to skip opening credits.

Bad Disk Reader

The disk reader may need to be replaced. Check this guide to see how to replace your disk reader

Tray Won't Open Or Close Properly

Player doesn't open when you push the 'open' slide to the left, or it won't shut all the way closed

Broken Latch

The latch is broken and needs to be replaced. Here is our guide on how to replace the latch.

Broken Hinge

The hinge is broken and may need to be replaced.

Have insignia 9” portable DVD player. Sound only.. no picture.. how do I get my picture to show up on screen?… It was working fine.. I then played CDs on it & now want to play DVDagain….sound only now..

How do I get picture to play on screen again?

Deone Kanne - Replica

I have an insignia 9” portable DVD player. It is on the main insignia screen that you get when you turn it on. It even loads to say “last memory" but never leaves the insignia main screen. There is no sound. It just stays on the main turn on screen?

captianrahrah16_1991 - Replica

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