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IBM ThinkPad A31 Troubleshooting

Released in 2002, Model 2652.

Failure to Boot Up

When power button is pressed the laptop doesn’t start up.

Power Cable Problem

Check if the power cable is plugged in correctly to the laptop. If the power cable is not connected properly, the laptop might not turn on. Plug in the power cable to the laptop and it should start up. If the laptop still doesn't work, the problem might be because the the power cable is damaged and you might have to buy a new one.

Battery Problem

Check that the power cable is plugged in. Power status indicator light above the keyboard, will be lit when the computer is on. If the light doesn't show up the battery might have to be replaced. This guide for the IBM thinkpad A30 has the same exact steps you will have to take to replace this laptop Disassembling IBM ThinkPad A30 Battery

Failing Parts

Another possible reason it still won't turn on is that a part in the laptop is malfunctioning. Parts like the motherboard, hard drive, or RAM Stick could all be possible parts that might have to be replaced for it to power up again.

Display Isn't Working

Display is not shown correctly.

Black Screen

If the screen turns on but is blank the LCD monitor could be faulty and needs to be replaced. To fix this follow this guide to removing and replacing the LCD monitor , Disassembling IBM ThinkPad A30 Display Assembly

Screen Doesn't Turn On

The computer turns on but the screen itself does not then there is a problem with the display and needs to be replaced you can use our guide. *insert guide*

Battery Malfunctions

Battery can’t be charged or hold any power.

Not Charged

Plug battery into power adapter. If the laptop charging light turns on then your battery was just out of power and allow to fully charge before use. If the light doesn’t come on check your power adapter to ensure it works. If laptop still won’t turn on your battery is dead.

Battery is Dead

If your battery is dead, the computer will work with the power adapter plugged in, but power down or shut off when unplugged. A dead battery won't accept a charge when plugged in. The battery may be recognized by the computer and appear as though it is charged but fail to power the computer when the power adapter is unplugged. The easiest way to test for a dead battery is to replace the battery. To do this follow this guide *Insert guide later when done*

Keyboard Doesn't Work

Entire keyboard or individual keys don’t work.

Loose Ribbon Cable

Over time cable connection becomes worse. Unplug the cable from the laptop and inspect. If the cable seems damaged then you might have to buy a new one and replace it. After you replace the cable carefully plug it back in and reinstall keyboard. Here is a guide of how to dissemble the keyboard to get to the cable Disassembling IBM ThinkPad A30 Upper Case

Faulty Keyboard

The whole keyboard could need replacing. Make sure to buy correct model keyboard from trustworthy source. To remove the keyboard use the guide above.

Delay When Typing

There may not be enough memory in the laptop. Adding more memory to your laptop should resolve this issue. To add more memory to the laptop, you might have to delete some things that are taking up space. Go in files and remove any files, pictures, and programs that you don't use and delete them. Check the storage after deleting the files and you should see that you have more free space in the computer. Doing this might help the computer run faster and solve the delay problem

No Audio

No sound comes from device.

Software Issues

If the device is not playing any audio it could be a software issue check the drivers for the devices audio player and make sure they are up to date. To do this go into the laptop setting and click on the audio player and check for any updates.

Hardware Issues

If the sound wont come on even if the volume is at its max, the speakers might be blown. To fix this you will have to remove the speakers and replace it with a new one and it should work. Use this guide to remove the speakers Disassembling IBM ThinkPad A30 Speakers

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