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USF Tampa, Team 1-4, Sullivan Spring 2016

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LG Spectrum Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery can potentially fix any charge related issues with your...

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LG Spectrum Sim/SD Port Replacement

Replacing the SIM/SD Port can potentially fix any issues related to data...

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LG Spectrum Camera Replacement

Replacing the camera may be necessary if the phone has been dropped or the...

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LG Spectrum Audio Port Replacement

Replacing the Audio Port can potentially fix and skipping or non-existent audio.

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LG Spectrum Motherboard Replacement

Replacing the Motherboard on the LG Spectrum can fix core software issues...

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ASUS ZenWatch Charging Cradle Circuit board Replacement

The charging cradle has a single circuit board that can simply be replaced if...

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ASUS ZenWatch Watch Strap Removal

Removing the ASUS ZenWatch strap.

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ASUS ZenWatch Battery Replacement

Replace that failing battery in your ZenWatch

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ASUS ZenWatch Motherboard Replacement

Remove and replace the motherboard on the ASUS ZenWatch