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Wireless Internet connection with router

How do I connect to the Internet?

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This question is non-repair related and off topic.


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You need to set up either a dial-up account, DSL, or cable (broadband) service with your local ISP (Internet Service Provider). That can be your phone company or your cable TV provider. They will provide you with either a wireless or a wired modem.

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If you already have this, then go under the Apple to system preferences - network. set the location for automatic and in the box click on Airport. If it doesn't connect automatically the hit the "assist me" at the bottom of the box.


I have a new laptop that will not except the data from the internet provider


Despina, I could tell how old this answer was from my mention of a dial-up account. First try setting up with an ethernet connection to your modem insead of going wireless first.


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