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This generation of Suzuki Alto became widely available in 2009. This generation shares many features with its sister cars the Mazda Carol and the Nissan Pixo.

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Problem with AC Alto K10

Getting hot air while using Air condition in Alto k10. What could be the reason for the same and how to fix it. Please suggest 🙏

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@anirudh2022 the very first thing you want to check is to make sure that you have enough refrigerant in your AC system. The issue with the Alto system is that it is a small system and you got to be careful if you get a recharge kit, that you do not overcharge the system. It is probably best to get the AC system fully evacuated and then recharged with the correct weight. For that you might need to find someone who deal with AC in your area. The only other thing you need to check is your condenser (looks like a radiator in the front of the vehicle) and make sure that the find are clean and that there is no debris that impedes the air flow.

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