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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Honda.

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Why tow wheels is not in one line?

my question was that if we wet the motorcycle tire and move in a straight line, we will see the effect of two parallel wheels on the ground, and this is abnormal.

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Wheels on a motorcycle should be in line so that the centre of the rear wheel passes over the point on the road where the centre of the front wheel passed when travelling in a straight line.

Motorcycles with chain drive usually have adjusters at the rear of the rear wheel spindle, that are used to pull the rear wheel backwards to tighten the chain, as it wears.

I do not know this particular motorcycle, but it sounds to me that the chain has been adjusted by pulling the rear wheel spindle back ON ONE SIDE ONLY. This would have the effect of two tracks as the question implies.

The answer is to balance the adjustment so that the rear wheel lines up with the front wheel.

Unfortunately, if the motorcycle has shaft drive it is likely the frame is bent and needs the attention of the Honda dealer

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