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La versione allargata del decimo telefono di Samsung della sua serie top S, presentato nel febbraio 2019. Dotato di Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Device is constantly overheating and touch is flickering sometimes

My device is constantly overheating and shutting down and by constantly I mean like 10 times a day

And lately it even stops charging

And my touch is flickering sometimes without even touching it

What might be the reason?

Is there any solution ?

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Is the screen broken. Like does it have deep cracks. If the LCD is broken then I will overheat and lose charge quicker especially if there is broken patch. It also sounds like the phone has battery issues at this point you are better getting a new phone. (maybe a pixel 5).
Please note I am not a train professional. But did have an s10 a couple of years ago.

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It has some cracks on the bottom edges but they are minor ones that shouldn't affect the phone

But you said you had an s10+ before so you probably know better

If I replace the Lcd couldn't that solve the problem ?


@med72966 I think so but I would recommend going to a repair shop and asking them what the problem is and then use that information to fix it yourself


Is the line in the middle of the screen or is it damaged all the way to the bottom. Because that how lcds work one line of damage means all the lines under it stop working. If this is not so then it may not be an lcd issue


It has two cracks in the bottom edges and a line from the front camera to the space near the charging port

I guess that affects the lcd huh..


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@med72966 does it truly overheat or does it just say it is overheating and shuts down? This "And my touch is flickering sometimes without even touching it" that could be your display. Remember that the touchscreen and the rest of the display are sandwiched together. So it will affect all of those. The no charging could be a battery issue but could also be an issue with the USB port as well as the PMIC power management IC. Not sure if you are up to measuring voltages on your circuit board etc.

Start with the screen and while you work on that, take some good picture of your motherboard. that way we can try and point things out for you and hopefully help you to get your phone fixed. How are your soldering skills of really, really small components on a fully populated circuit board :-)? Your phone actually has 6 thermistors that can shut your phone off. We just have to figure out which one may be causing it :-) There are two just above the USB port area that are around the Touch Sensor IC......makes me wonder if that would be a good place to start looking :-) WEll let us know when you have the display off and let's see what's going on there.

All of this now puts you between a rock and a hard place. Could be the display/Battery/USB port or could be an issue around the Touch IC which makes this a board level repair. Special tools, special skills, and lots of patience required.

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seems like a lot of work 4 an s10 but u know a lot


Well it doesn't really overheat on the touch ,yet it shuts down. when it shows the overheating alert I plug it in and out several times and sometimes it works and the alert disappear but sometimes it doesn't .

Last year it had a similar problem once but instead of overheating it showed a "cold temperature" alert and stopped charging until the battery died so I handed it to a repair shop where he said he had to change some components on the charging board but not the port itself

It worked perfectly until now

I can't check it myself due to the lack of tools and experience.

The flickering part isn't that much of a problem for now but the automatic shutdown is because I work and study with this phone and lately I can't use it more than 10 to 20 minutes without it shutting down.

Do u think it's worth the time and effort or should I replace it with a new one (knowing that I'm really low on budget)

And thanks for your time..


@med72966 that will depend on what people are going to charge you to check out your phone. components are really cheap but those are pretty small and they are soldered on a tight board. That Means whoever does it will have to have the tools and the experience to work on it. It really all depends on what you are willing to spend on this.


In my country it costs the equivalent of 50$

It might seem cheap but 50$ is a 4 working day's salary so it's a lot for me

But that's not my problem

I'm just afraid that the phone's life span is over and every now and then even if I repair it will show other problems

Do u think that might be the case ?


@med72966 I totally understand what you are saying about the cost. That is a lot of of money which is not to be spend easily. Personally, I think you are going to be chasing this error and it will most likely cost you more than a replacement board. I suspect you would have to get somebody to replace all of the thermal sensor and then most likely still have a short somewhere. It'll be a fun project for somebody but it's not feasible if you need to pay for the repair. Whatever you do, just don't toss the board/phone in the landfill etc. Donate it to some repair shop or donate it to an aspiring repairer. No sure what the recycle situation is like in your country but just don't toss it in the landfill :-(


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