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The Logitech Harmony 950 is a universal remote control. It was released in July of 2016.

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Anyone know of a decent replacement battery?

The ones I see on Amazon have bad reviews. I bought one with the most "claimed" mAh and it doesn't hold a charge any longer than the 4-1/2 year old original I wanted to replace.

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I returned my original MPF battery and was offered a replacement. The replacement arrived in an MPF box, that appeared to be used, but was in fact a Cameron Sino Lithium-Polymer battery. So far it is doing better than the MPF, but as good at the original Logitech (to the best of my recollection).


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Hi Ed,

Yeah, I fell for the "gold" battery scam back in the iPhone 4 days. In general, Li-Ion batteries' capacities are limited by the physical size of the battery; unlike rechargeable technologies like Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad batteries, there haven't been any significant improvements in power density for Li-ion batteries; at least not enough to account for those gold battery claims.

@oldturkey03 did a great write-up on the subject that's worth a look.

The myth of the "high capacity" batteries - iFixit Repair Guide

So yeah, pretty much the only way to increase the capacity of a lithium ion battery is to increase the physical size. If it's the same size as another battery but claims like 50% more amperage, it's a lie.

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Good answer, but I didn't do a great job explaining the problem. The replacement battery is exactly the same size as the original but doesn't perform. Original was 1320 mAh, replacement was 1300 mAh. I'm guessing that the replacement has some filler in the case. It isn't 100% battery or it would do a better job.

What makes it even worse is that the original was Lithium-Polymer and the replacement is Lithium-Ion (which, according to what I read, has much more power density).


@tooold what's the difference in the weight? Remember that some of the batteries cne squeezed a bit harder buy manipulating the IC's on the battery controller board. Batteries are such a big hit or miss because so many people mess with it. I prefer my batteries from reputable sellers like, iFixit (the sponsor of this site :-), NewPower, Injured Gadgets and Batteries Plus. I do stay away from Amazon, ebay and Aliexpress since I have had the biggest issues on there. Yes, there are some really good vendors selling on those platforms, but they are hard to identify.


@oldturkey03 Great question. However, there is only 1/10th of a gram difference in weight. Original = 30.2g Replacement = 30.3g

Thanks for the references. I know that iFixit doesn't show one and checked the others and they don't either.


@tooold so really no physical differences in the batteries to justify any increase in storage capacity. Not sure where you are located but if nothing else, go for a battery supply place. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith and get something like this


Thank you so much for your efforts. Is really appreciated. Regrettably that is exactly the battery I have (manufactured by MPF Products). Really not very good ☹


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