Sensor not working (already tried gesture button fix)

Logitech MX Master 2s

Hello, looking around I saw that loosening the screws holding in the gesture button board worked for a lot of people but it doesn't seem to work for me. To confirm, I tested while the mouse was partially disassembled, I was able to click the gesture button to see that it was not being held down, but the sensor was still not picking up movement. All other click functions and scroll functions seem to work. Nothing clogging up the sensor window.

I figure it's the sensor chip itself that's malfunctioned. All the solder joints seem intact and I don't see any corrosion. I am able to do some soldering and was wondering if anyone knew where to find a replacement chip? I would also settle for the sensor chip from the MX Master 1 if it's a drop in replacement.

I sprung for this listing because it's the only place I've found the part but I have no idea how reliable this site is. Could anyone point me to a better alternative? The part number is PMW3816DM-TYQU

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