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The Nexus One (also known as the HTC Passion and Android Dev Phone 3) is a smartphone from Google (manufactured by HTC) that runs the Android operating system.

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which LCD screen is compatible with the Google nexus

my nexus one screen is brooked and i want to replace please help me

The HTC nexus one LCD screen is available in two versions from two OEM manufacturers,

the Sony Company and the Samsung Company.

which one can i use to replace the LCD screen.

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Gaurav Kishore , the Samsung version LCD screen is compatible with both the Google nexus one and the HTC desire, while the Sony version can be used only on the HTC desire. "Since Samsung introduced a lot of own smartphones with AMOLED and Super AMOLED screens, they weren’t capable to fullfill the demand of all display customers like HTC. Therefore HTC announced that they will switch from AMOLED displays to SLCD for a few devices like the HTC Desire and the Google Nexus One." from here. Samsung is the AMOLED, while Sony is the SLCD. Hope this helps, good luck.

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(my phone has P/N:99HKE002-00 F )

which part is compatible S-LCD or LCD).

I confuse with some parts found on INTERNET like ,


LCD Display for HTC G5 Google Nexus One N1 60H00287,

LCD Display for HTC G5 Google Nexus One N1 60H00443,

(can i replace with S-LCD)


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