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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Problems after SSD upgrade

Hello and thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I have an iMac late 2013. A year ago I replaced the HDD with an 2tb SSD and split the fusion drive, maintaining the 128 gb blade as the boot drive and the SSD for most of the applications and everything else. It has been working flawlessly so far.

Suddenly, the iMac has begun to act weirdly, booting but not recognizing the 2tb ssd, other times the ssd shows but suddenly disappears. I can boot in safe mode but it cannot access the documents in the SSD. It auto signed out from iCloud and I cannot sign in again. I re installed MacOS Mojave from recovery mode to no avail.

In case that I switch the SSD, which I think is going to be the final solution, could you please guide me with the necessary steps, considering that I have the OS and apple applications in the ssd blade and all other files in the 2tb ssd? Two more things to consider. I have a backup in Time Capsule (not sure how it deals with the split Fusion Drive) and I have an idle 2tb ssd blade.

Any comment is much appreciated

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Sounds like you wore out the 128GB Fusion blade drive. Being so small in size makes it susceptible to be over written to the point of failure.

How many times can you bend a coat hanger before it snaps?

Flash chips are no different! You can only write to the given cell so many times. To extend the life of the Flash wear leveling is done and there are also spare cells held in reserve to back fill.

Now how full and how constant the drive is written to impacts the drives ability to wear level the smaller the drive the less it can be written to.

So… you need a new blade SSD and get one which is larger like 512GB or 1TB in size.

Here’s the needed guide Sostituzione dell'SSD dell'iMac Intel EMC 2639 da 27"

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Wow, thanks so much for your quick reply. The thing is, I have no trouble booting and seeing the 128 blade. It is the 2tb ssd which is showing and hiding. In any case, I have a blank 2tb ssd blade that I can install but I would like to know the right steps for a smooth change in order to keep the information as it is. Thanks again Dan, your help keep us walking


@bmugspain - Did you setup a Fusion Drive set with both SSDs? That could complicate things! Fusion Drives where intended to use slower HDDs with the smaller blade SSD as a cache drive.


Thanks. No, I split the Fusion Drive so that I had the blade as the boot drive (macOS and some system software needed) and the SSD for applications, documents and so


@bmugspain - keep in mind the boot drive gets heavy I/O between caching & virtual RAM. So while you may have issues accessing the SATA SSD drive the file system caching is within the small blade drive. Which gets us to a strong possibility of a worn out drive.


Hi Dan. I opened the iMac and removed the 2TB SSD. Plugged into another mac and ran first aid that showed several warnings like this:

warning: inode_val: object (oid 0x3c033): invalid internal_flags (0x28000)

Any idea of what should I do next? Thanks a lot


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