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{A1989 / EMC3214} - Rilasciato nel luglio 2018, il MacBook Pro da 13" integra processori i5 e i7 quad-core e grafica integrata Intel Iris Plus.

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Logic board replacement. Is it possible due to T2 chip?


I'm looking to move a logic board from one mac to another due to one having a swollen battery and the other being a much better spec. Will the Mac be useable without AST 2 System config?

I'm aware about bringing the Touch ID over with it but it will have a new top case and possible display.


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As far as I know aslong as you have the same shape Board that is from the same year your top case should work

Your screen could work but I cannot confirm that it will work fully as apple does like to remove features or brick the device when people replace things

If the board is a different shape it won’t work as the different models have different heatsinks and different numbers of ports

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thanks for the info! The board is the same size so should be fine. I'm more wondering if diagnostics or configs from AST2 need to be run on logic board migration as the logic board will be connected to a different (but exact same) display, trackpad, keyboard and battery.

Any ideas? Thanks!



Hmmm not too sure about that one

The AST2 might be needed if you want True Tone and Touch ID paired but it might be worth going ahead and seeing what happens



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