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How to make an external display?

So I have this screen and I’m wondering if I can make a external display.

With hdmi, dvi, vga (possible Dislpay port, thunderbolt)

I know for iMac you get the model number and find a controller board for it with the model number

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@beanman56 that should be a AU OPTRONICS B154PW01 V.0 CCFL backlit model. You can get the driver board at places like this and many others. Different make, different model but same idea as on here Universal LCD driver Technique - iFixit Repair Guide $ 20 for an additional monitor not a bad price.

With hdmi, dvi, vga = Yes

(possible Dislpay port, thunderbolt) = No

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Any from eBay for cheap?

I have heard horror stories about aliexpress :-/


Usually same sellers are on both. They are pretty much all over like Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress. Not sure what classifies as cheap :-)


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I doubt you'll find a controller board that supports the older LVDS standard this series used. But you have the right idea ID'ing the panel and locate the needed controller if someone offers it. Sadly, you'll likely find it won't offer any of the newer display standards and it may only offer one.

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