*Cisco SG200-26* Best next use for this switch?

I recently switched out my Cisco SG200-26 switch for a HP V1910-48G (No, I don’t need 48 ports, but I got it for $38) due to the Cisco switch due to a management DDoS bug which will not be fixed as the SG200-26 is in the EOL process, and 2 failing ports (port 3 and 4 run at 10/100 and all 26 are Gigabit, port 4 has speed negotiation problems since link up status takes a minute). It was a little bit of a process, but all is good — the problem was getting the IP (thanks for dumbing down the admin IP, Spectrum!).

Now that the old switch is decommissioned, would it be a problem to keep it in the network for devices that aren’t mission critical?

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