Not able to scan to file

Printer is connected to the wireless network and all devices - laptops, phones and tablets - can send files to the printer which are successfully printed, i.e. the MFC is connected to the network. However, when I try to scan from the MFC to laptop the error message “Not able to scan to file” appears on the MFC screen. When I go to the control panel the MFC scanner profile says it is working correctly. I do have a work around (scan to USB drive then transfer drive to laptop) however this is not ideal. Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Are you scanning to the laptop via the printer's built-in software or via Windows?


Hi Andrew, I'm not sure, I have tried both the WSD port (is that windows?) and the two Standard TCP/IP ports that begin with BR on the assumption that the BR relates to Brother. The printer function is working using the WSD port. Regards, Ian


@Ian Shields Does the laptop run Windows?


Yes, Windows 10


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