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Repair documentation for the 3rd generation 11" iPad Pro (model numbers A2377, A2459, A2301, and A2460).

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Does it use the same LCD as 2018/2020

I broke the screen on the m1 ipad pro 11 (2021) and found lcd replacement and was wondering since its meant for the 2018/2020 will it work.

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So a 2020 iPad Pro 11' (2nd gen) screen will work with a 2018 iPad Pro 11 (1st gen) and vice versa?


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No! 1st & 2nd Gen iPad Pro 11” Screen assemblies are compatible with each other but they will not work on the 3rd Gen iPad Pro 11”

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O i thought since the screen was the same the assembly was to. Can’t seem to find the 3rd gen anywhere that’s why i asked. Thank you


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