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The 46 mm Huawei Watch GT model features a 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD touch screen. Includes Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Optical heart rate, Ambient light, and Barometer sensor.

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How to remove the glass from the case?

I bought a new LCD and digitizer, disassembled everything but I can not seem to remove the glass from the body. Even with brute force…

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I have managed to remove the glass and display from my unit, but I had to destroy the old screen (this was fine for me as it wasn't working anyway). The screen glass is glued to the bezel (circular metal part at the front with minute digits on it). The bezel is in turn glued to the rest of the metal body. The steps I have followed to remove the screen:

  1. Disassemble the watch so that only the screen and metal body are left.
  2. Heat up the screen and try to remove the screen from the front glass. You can try to use the ribbon cables that connect the screen to the motherboard to pull it towards the inside of the watch. I have also used a flat head screwdriver by placing it between the metal body and the screen. In my case this broke the screen, but I managed to finally remove it.
  3. Now with the screen removed, you need to remove the front glass along with the front metal bezel. I have used flat head screwdriver to do this. In a few places along the glass you should be able to put the flat end between the metal body and the glass and use the screwdriver as a leaver.
  4. Once removed from the metal case you need to separate the glass from the metal bezel. Again I used a flat head screwdriver to do this and the front glass broke into many pieces. There was also a lot of glue residue on the bezel, but you should be able to remove it using acetone or nail polish remover. I used the nail polish and a spatula to pry the glue without damaging the metal bezel.
  5. Finally you need to glue the watch together with a new screen. I'd recommend first glueing the metal bezel to the glass and then the screen and bezel to the rest of the frame. You might find it helpful to turn the watch on and use the clock on the display as a guide so that the digits on the bezel align with the display.

The whole process is quite time consuming, but apart from completely destroying the screen, no damage was done to the watch itself.

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