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A treadmill is a device for walking or running while staying in the same place.

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Brushes for motor Turdan A4D06J from Lifespan TR5000 Treadmill

Hello, where can I find brushes for the motor from Lifespan TR5000 Treadmill?

What kind of brushes are these, what model (product code)?
The brush is 16mm x 10mm and 18mm in lenght (guess 20-21mm new), cable 45mm
Marked with nr 62

Motor A4D06J made by TURDAN
H.P. 3 / RPM 2400 / ROTATION CW / DUTY CONT / VOLTS 210 / AMP 4.5 / FIELD PM

Thank you!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Are you sure brushes are worn down and the reason to replace them? Judging from the snapshots, it’s difficult to see whether or not the spring holder is pressing down on the commutator to maintain physical contact. Although not recommended since it can present an electrical hazard, placing a thick metal spacer between the brush holder and brush may provide more spring tension to press against the commutator for better contact and improve motor performance temporarily. This should only be a temporary troubleshooting experiment. The commutator may be worn and either too far worn or can be cleaned up after disassembling the motor. Chucked into a drill press, a hand file may help dress the commutator followed up with fine sandpaper to polish and renew it. Scraping debris between segments will help prevent short circuiting. If performance returns then search for factory parts from the manufacturer or distributors. Using the motor brand name, serial and model may help find parts online. Using the numbers from the brushes for online searching may help too.

If the treadmill runs with the temporary solution and parts are available, this may be a good time to see if any parts need cleaning and lubrication to prolong its lifetime.

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Thank you for your answer. Before posting here, I tried finding the brushes online and at the motor manufacturer, but no luck. Still searching.


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