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Why is screen not working

why is my fitbit inspire screen not working

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First of all, charge it up to 100% If your Fitbit is not fully charged, place it on its charger first and wait for it to reach full capacity. It's better to charge your Fitbit through a wall outlet than your computer's USB ports - this is due to certain limitations in your computer's port wattage.

Once you've fully charged your Fitbit, try to see if the screen now appears and is responsive.

Make sure your Fitbit isn't in water lock mode

Some Fitbits include a water lock mode, which prevents the screen and buttons from responding to touches and swipes. To turn off the water lock, dry your Fitbit off, then double-tap your screen (Inspire and Luxe) or long-press the side button (Sense and Versa 3) to turn off its water lock. You may have to repeat this several times to unlock it.

Remove any case or screen protector

It is best to remove any case or screen protector to make sure it does not block the ambient light sensor. Your Fitbit's ambient light sensor looks like a black dot on the side of your Fitbit device. If this is blocked, your screen will usually go dark automatically.

Check your screen brightness settings

Oftentimes, we need to adjust the brightness of our Fitbit's screen. We suggest you go to a dark room or wait until dark, then take a look at your Fitbit.

Try to restart

If you see a black or blank screen on your Fitbit, the first thing to try is a forced restart or restart (also known as a long restart.)

Restarting your Fitbit forces it to restart - and often fixes issues like a black, blank, or unresponsive device.

How you restart or force restart depends on your model, so it's best to consult your Fitbit user manual.

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I dont need to see my fitbit working n a dark roo

I need to be able to see it while I am outside working out or on a hike

Which it is not bright enough, when outside


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