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iMac 2021 model 27" RAM upgrades

Is it still possible to upgrade RAM in the new 2021 model year, 27” iMACs

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The M1 iMac is 24”, not 27”, although the increased screen real estate mitigates that somewhat. It features unified memory ( There is no support for upgrading the integrated memory on an M1 chip whatsoever - it’s exactly the same as the earlier M1 macs (and, for that matter, the Raspberry Pi).

I expect some Apple Fanboy will be along to say “but, but, buuuuut unified memory is faster”. Sure, until it fails, then it doesn’t work at all, and you can’t swap it out for another module.

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There’s no release date for the iMac 2021; it’s not even been confirmed yet.

So you will have to wait until Apple puts out some info on it.

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