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Controller used with the Sony Playstation 5 console. Model number CFI-ZCT1W.

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Why is my right trigger super sensitive when pressed down?

I was recently playing Call of Duty Cold war which takes heavy usage of the new adaptive triggers and randomly I kind of felt some weird clicking or something on my right trigger and then it became so sensitive to touch that if I lightly rest my finger on it then it thinks im pressing it? The adaptiveness still works like I can feel when it needs me to put more pressure to shoot in-game but for when it doesn’t then it’s just super sensitive to touch.

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Hey, i have this problem too and am about to open it up. Its likely the small spring in the button has become detached or broken.

Edit: Taken it apart in about 5 minutes, spring used to puch back against your finegrs was snapped. Replacement one bought on ebay for £2. Will post if it fixes it.

In the mean time reversing the spring position has given me back maybe half of the resistance so a decent enough temporary fix.

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