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7" tall Siri-powered smart speaker, made by Apple Inc. Released February 9, 2018 in Space Gray and White. Model number A1639.

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How to recognize a genuine HomePod?

Hi everyone ! Haven’t been posting in a while.

My mom reached to me for a question that I couldn’t answer for once.

She bought 2 HomePods at a pretty great deal off Rakuten. I’m myself a HomePod owner (one English and one EU version) and I was quite surprised when she told me she wasn’t able to plug it in.

They were delivered with a cable that doesn’t look like a genuine HomePod cable + international plug to EU adapter.

She had only unboxed one of them so she messaged me with the other one. Box looks genuine, packaging looks the same as genuine ones and yet, the cables are tickling me. She plugged the first one with the adapter and it looks like it works just fine and sound quality too but I can’t get to think that given the low price (250$ per pc) and the cable situation, there’s something wrong with them.

Could anyone relate to that ? Or provide hints to find fake homepods vs genuine ? Or comment on that cable ?

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Sorry not enough visible to make out if its real or fake. You talk about the cable what is odd to you?

$250 USD is the going price on sale here in the states you can pick them up for $200 USD. So from a price perspective its at market price not cheaper and you mother likely needed to pay for shipping.


@dan sorry for my late reply ! I was absolutely not aware of this price trend, thanks ! What surprises me is of the 3 HomePods I bought in different countries, all of them have clean fabric coated cables, while this one is angled and doesn’t seem standard. As far as my research went, I wasn’t able to find a plastic cable HomePod


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Ah! The cable covering!

The US version is woven. I’m not sure if all of the foreign market units are woven as well. Each country has rules on the cords and the AC plugs so its possible the unit you have is one of these. As the HomePod has a dual voltage power supply using a plug adapter would allow it to work with in a different countries power system.

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