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A portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears.

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Megaboom 3 cannot downgrade demo mode firmware (v31.0.11)

I just bought a used Megaboom 3 which on arrival turned out to be a demo unit. I have read lots now about the demo units only being different due to the firmware version which disables bluetooth and requires a permanent USB cable connected to work.

Other people have been successful with earlier versions of the speaker in downgrading the firmware to the proper user firmware, but the apps I have are not working for this so far. I have the current version of the update assistant from the UE website which tells me the Megaboom is up to date (and has no option to thus do anything else), and an older app UE_1.3.91_x86 which does not recognise the speaker when the USB cable is connected.

Is there another version of the update app that will work with the megaboom 3 specifically and allow me to downgrade it please?

I’d be incredibly grateful as I was hoping to give this as a present. Thanks

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I have the same problem and have been unsuccessful in fixing.


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Hey Jim,

I found another Update-Assistent version 1.4.37.

This version is definitly working with the Megaboom 3.


I had another problem and was able to fix my Megaboom with this version.

I would be happy if you could share with us your progress :)



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Hey Vin,

After holding on to 2 demo units the link you provided was the only one out of many that actually helped the tool worked like a charm. Kudos to you.




thank you so much for this, looks like my demo unit is working as expected!! i really appreciate you taking the time to answer this :)


Thanks! After searching for days finally works perfectly.

Really appreciate your kindly help.


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I think you need to speak with Ultimate Ears support to see what they say.

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Thanks, I did message them and gave very specific details of the software version I tried, the process, and the outcome of the software that it says it's up to date, and even gave the firmware version it's on etc, I. E. all the details needed.

They replied saying I should connect it to my pc and run the update assistant. Which means it ignored everything I said and was probably a bot detecting the word 'firmware' then sending a generic faq type response.

Not entirely surprising, but disappointing. I'll reply and chase it more. I know people have been able to downgrade earlier megaboom versions from demo firmware, but I cannot find the right software version to downgrade my one (a megaboom 3).


Hello Jim, where you finally able to downgrade the demo model?


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