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Asus 2-in-1 Q505UA - 15.6" FHD Touch - 8th Gen i5-8250U - 12GB - 1TB HDD - Silver

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built in camera can't be detected

Hi everyone,

I Actually have a Asus Q525UAR 2-in-1. After I have opened my laptop to check if there are free m.2 slot, the camera is not anymore detected. When opening camera app it shows the camera not attached error 0xa00f4244.

I have tried most software troubleshooting:

1. Making sure camera is turned on

2. Windows trouble shooting

3. Windows update

4. Check device manager - Camera not shown

5. Check device manager - Camera not included in add legacy device

6. Windows reset - through the built in win10 reset option

7. Tried looking for drivers online - Asus site does not have camera driver. Can’t search specific driver for this

So the camera itself is not detected…. I am currently inclined to think that this is hardware. I also cant seem to find guides for my specific unit here for teardown. Can anyone point me to a guide or how to troubleshoot this problem?


Update (08/14/2020)


There are actually 2 cables from the display that is connected to the motherboard. One big one on the left side of the motherboard and is nearer to the display. Another smaller one near the battery.

I am really a beginner here. It seems that the cable is protected by a cloth thing and has tapes on it. Should I just plug unplug it directly? what steps should I make first? I’m just afraid that my actions would actually cause more damage

Note: I can’t seem to upload an image here even through a comment.

Block Image

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Just verifying that there is no camera listed in the following locations in Device manager

Device Manager > Image devices

Device Manager > View > Show hidden devices

Device Manager > Other Devices


yep no camera on those categories. Also on camera and imaging device on add legacy hardware



You said that you opened it to check for a free m.2 slot, so you may have to open the laptop up again and check the cable connections from the lid.

Can't find out with your model but if it there is only one cable (EDP cable) to the display, most likely the camera leads will be in it as well. It would be unusual if it became a bit loose that it didn't affect something else as well

If there are more cables coming from the lid through the hinges to the motherboard check the connections for the smaller one as the bigger cable will be the LVDS (video) cable


@jayeff ohhh so that is how you do it....

I'm actually talking about the cable with yellowish ribbon... It has the same ribbon as the one you pointed out; it is also wired through the hinge to the display; and it is located in where most cables i've seen in this forum for the webcam wiring.

I will try to check both cables. However, is it possible i can &&^& this up? anything to be aware of or I should do or not do on trying to troubleshoot this?

Thanks btw, you've been very responsive


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Hi @jamescartilla,

You can’t add images etc to a comment on ifixit, only to questions and answers. (click on Options > Edit and then when the edit box opens click on the Insert an image icon - looks like an upside down envelope but I think it’s supposed to be a picture in a frame, on the right side of the box header bar)

Are you sure that the 3 black, 2 white, 3 red wire cable is going to the lid? It looks like a power cable to me.

The one next to it is most probably the video cable.

Of more interest is the black cable coming out of the left hinge (I think), passing over the grey WiFi antenna cable. It doesn’t appear to be plugged in properly as the connector looks at a funny angle in the picture

Here’s an image to show you where the cable is.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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You're probably right about it being the display webcam, microphone cable and the cable near the power cable that was highlighted by you is most probably for something else if it doesn't go to a hinge.

When working inside a laptop always disconnect the battery from the motherboard as soon as it is accessible and don't reconnect it until you've finished and have to close the laptop up. This doesn't mean that you have to remove it (although with some these days you do),just disconnect it.

That way if anything goes wrong, tools slipping etc the risk of causing an electrical problem is negated. There is still the danger of ESD damage caused by touching sensitive components with your fingers etc so using earthed wrist strap would be preferable, but if you're careful it should be OK.

Remember to handle carefully. If something doesn't come undone or loose etc, don't get frustrated and apply force. Stop and think about it. Check for locking bars, clips etc on connectors and if there are none pull out by the plug and not the wires.

I've searched online for a disassembly guide for the laptop but didn't find any for your model.

To get to the display you may have to find similar models on YouTube and look for screen replacement videos to see how to access the screen so that the camera module cable connection can be checked. It may also be that there is a connection where the display cable connects to the display that it branches from there to go up to the webcam so that may have to be checked as well.

Sorry I can't help too much more on this



@jayeff Once I can sit down and have time, I will open this up.

Thank you very much man


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