PC Error code 0xc0000225 when trying to downgrade from Mac OS Catalina

Hi. I wanted to downgrade from Mac OS Catalina to Mojave. I did the following:

  • backed up data on external drive
  • Created bootable USB with Mojave install loaded on it
  • went into Disk Utility and erased Hard Drive and Hard Drive - Data
  • Restarted and held down Command+R
  • When the Recovery mode screen came up, the USB was not recognised. It launched straight into Internet recovery mode, which eventually timed out with its own error code. I tried to restart a couple of times but no change.
  • Now the screen goes into a blue screen with Recovery at the top. It says ‘Your PC/device needs to be repaired’ and it gives error code 0xc0000225. I can’t do anything else on this screen.
  • I was running parallels and Windows a year or so ago in order to run a particular app needed for work, but stopped.
  • Like I said, the bootable USB isn’t recognised. I put an old boot DVD for Mac OS Snow Leopard in (via superdrive) but that isn’t recognised either.
  • I have an older iMac running El Capitan.
  • Can anyone help? Thanks!
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