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Repair guides and disassembly information for LG's stylus-equipped Stylo 4 Android smartphone.

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Why wont my LG Stylo 4 start charging?

For the last week my phone would make the movie I was watching small and bring up an Android fix it-fix it. I would dismiss it thinking it was nothing. Well, for the last two days I’ll have the phone plugged in to charge and on occasion log on to play a game. Well, each time the charge would go down. When I charged it it would only charge to 45%. Then to 25%. the to 7% yesterday. This morning 3-4%. This after noon it won’t charge at all. I finely figured out yesterday that the Android fix it deals that were popping up was telling me something wrong. Now I can’t get it to even charge enough to open the Android fix it to fix what ever is wrong with it. What can I do?

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Normally if a device is having issues charging, then it has something to do with the charging port, battery, or the circuit connecting the two. Since you were having notifications from your phone itself while not charging then I would assume that it is a battery issue. Inside the battery are cells that after long use can no longer hold a charge, so you might have run out of available cells to power your device. I would recommend taking in your Stylo 4 to a repair shop near you to get it checked out and quoted on a repair. However it should not be more than $80 based on the prices in my area.

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