My screen won't turn on - Resolved

I disassembled my laptop and then reassembled it, nothing was lost or damaged. I've done this before and things went perfectly but this time the screen wouldn't turn on. Please help

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Try connecting an external monitor and check if its' display is OK.

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check if you can detect an image when the laptop has started and booted into Windows.

If you can detect an image then you have a backlight problem

You did disconnect the battery when you had the laptop open didn't you?


Nope. But I didn't do that before and it worked fine. It's just the screen. The laptop turns on just nothing on the screen. I'll try connecting it to an external monitor.

Thanks for helping


Hi ,

Just because you didn't do it before doesn't mean that it didn't cause a problem this time.

The motherboard is "live" at all times with the battery connected, i.e. there is still power on it at various points. The power button is not a power isolating switch.

You could have accidentally touched something that you shouldn't have this time. Just saying.

First rule in electronics repair - disconnect the power first or as soon as possible, reconnect it last


Ok let's say I did cause a problem because of that. What can I do now to fix it



Well have you determined what the problem is yet?

Is it a backlight problem or a GPU problem?

What did you actually need to do that required disassembling the laptop?

I assume that you went back in and checked everything was reconnected back properly.

Just double checking ;-)

If it is a backlight problem, did you try operating the screen backlight button just in case it was activated somehow?

This is from the user guide:

Turning Screen Backlight On, In the standby mode, you can tap the "Power/Wake up" button on the top of the IdeaTab to wake the screen up. The device's screen will then light up, indicating that the backlight has been turned on.

Turning Screen Backlight OffIf your IdeaTab is powered on and you do not use it temporarily, you can tap the"Power/Wake up" button on its top to turn off the screen backlight. Your IdeaTab will enter the standby mode to save power


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