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Repair information and guides for the updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook that was released in early 2016. Model A1534 / EMC 2991

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Keyboard in German Language/Layout an

Hey guys!

I am looking for the Topcase in a German layout. Has anybody some tips where to look?

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For such things I believe eBay is unbeatable, but you’ll need some patience, at the moment I can’t see any german topcase for sale. You can find just the keyboard, from China/Hong-Kong but the price is very steep, around 140/150€ and you have to do the job or pay someone for that. If you can wait, I’m quite confident you’ll find one, parts are very expensive for such Macbook and one day or the other someone will crash the screen and decide it’s not worth replacing it and sell the Macbook for parts :)

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Thanks for the answer. So I have to try to keep patient... :D


Keep an eye out, if I happen to see one I'll give a shout ;)


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Oh Boy! I think the better answer here is to get a keyboard skin cover which has the German keyset and then add in the German keyboard layout in the Keyboard control panel Input Sources.

The cost of replacing the keyboard I don’t think is worth it.

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The cost is outrageous, not to mention the actual replacement process too. Oh my!


I already thought about that option. The Problem is, that the US Version has more keys. (Example: The Enter button is smaller than in the german version...)


Not following you here... Why would that matter? You would have all of the german keys, if you are trying to pass your system off as a German system then you'll end up needing to replace the full upper case which is quite expensive.

A few of the companies I've supported had foreign offices and we found it was more work and costly to mess around trying to switch the keyboards than just using the skins and the given language key mapping.

Keep in mind the MacBook's are being sold at an all time low cost!

It would be cheaper to just buy one Walmart - Macbook 12" Retina Display Intel Core m3, 8GB Memory, 256GB Flash Storage - Refurbished $860~870 US in Germany the cost is a bit higher for the refurbished systems but still cheaper than a new one.


We don't just have different keys on the keyboard, shapes are different too and a german skin cover wouldn't fit a Us/International keyboard Dan. If it was a Japanese keyboard it would be even worse, I got one at home on a MBA and unless you've seen one you wouldn't believe the differences ;)


I fully realize the differences in the physical keyboards @arbaman Check out the link I provided it does get into the different physical keyboards and then into the print on top of the skin. Apple now has 6 different keyboard styles between the MacBook, MacBook Pro's and the two wireless keyboards.

We had gotten the US keyboard with german key markings. We also had the ISO keyboards with the german key markings. Granted, this was back with the Unibody models and bought here in the states. I haven't tried any of the current MacBook, MacBook Pro Touch Bar or Esc Key butterfly models which could be different.


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