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Released 2016, this Sharper Image stunt drone is rechargeable and has a 150-foot flying range. It is black with 4 propellers. It has a 2.4GHz transmitter. It requires no FAA registration and includes charging cable and (4)replacement blades. It has removable blade guards.

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Why one of my propeller not working?

I have a DX-2 stunt drone. one day it fell from 10 feet fall to the grass. Then one of the propeller stop working I was surprise because it survive alot worst crashes. what should i do? i just want to know if i can fix it before i got buy a new one.

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Did you ever get an answer? I have one doing the same thing. New motor doesn't fix. Same issue


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you may need to order a rotor replacement for the drone, look at the manual for details where to get one

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mabey get either a new motor or take the blade off and put back on and then try

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