Computer Will Not Boot in any Mode

I have tried resetting ram and smc.

I was using garageband when my computer froze all of a sudden. the music kept playing it was eerie. I force shut down and computer no longer boot up in any mode. after I did the ram and smc resets, I tried to do recovery (and in verbose) and I get a log that says disk0s2: media is not present.

failed to open swap file 6. va_swap_create_file failed.

then goes to a bright screen. I turn it off at this point.

If I allow it to try to boot normally or to recovery it just loads for a long time til it gets halfway and it appears to stop there so I cannot access diskutility.

Is this the ram failing or the hard drive failing? Thank you for your time and input.


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Do you still have the grey disks that came with your system or the retail copy of OS-X?

If not, do you have access to another Mac and a USB or FireWire drive so you can create a bootable drive?

Some how you’ll need a means to boot up you system to fix the drive and you may need a new drive.


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