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The Outreach is a mountain bicycle produced by Magna. It is identifiable by its prominent Magna and Outreach decals. Model number 8206-96TJ.

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Brake handle replacemnt help

Need directions on how to remove grip shifter to replace brake handle on Magna Excitor21 speed.

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Most grip shifters have a tiny allen screw on the bottom of the shifters that lock them to the handlebars. Look under the shifter to find a tiny screw that’s sometimes hidden in an indentation. Loosen that allen screw, and you can slip the shifter off the end of your handlebars. Don’t fully remove the tiny screw since it can easily get lost - you just need to loosen it enough to slip the shifters off. If there isn’t enough cable slack to fully pull off the shifters, you might need to loosen your stem bolts so you can twist your handlebars around and give your enough slack in the cable. When you put the shifters back on, don’t mount them too close to the handlebar grips or they will rub. You need a little bit of gap between the shifters and the grips. The grip shifters usually have a plastic washer that goes in between the shifters and the grips to help keep them working freely.

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