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Software for transferring data between replacing hard drives

I am going to put in a new hard drive but i do not know how to get the info for my old hard drive to the new one. I thought i might have seen it on the sight but now i cant seem to find it. When i transfer the data will all my downloaded applications go with it thanks

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You'll need a external hard drive adapter or enclosure to hook the new drive up to and format it, then use SuperDuper to clone it>

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when you say a external hard drive adapter, a external hard drive? and then copy the current drive in my computer to the the external one using SuperDuper then instal the new hard drive and the sync superduper?


You have to have a way to talk to the new hard drive and at the same time use the current drive. This can be done by using a adapter such as this one:

or an external enclosure to put the new drive in, such as this one: [prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF107-097-1]

If you use a firewire drive you can also boot from it.


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